Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Done for the Day...

Finally - a beautiful, sunny, cool day to work outside. And boy, did I! I had started an herb garden outside of my shop/cabin last year, but with all the commotion of Michael's illness, I just couldn't get it done. The herbs came up like gangbusters, so I decided to finish it up today (with my daughter, Jessi's, help). I didn't want to plant the usual in the window boxes, so planted some herbs there, too. Here are some pics:

The side was all weeds, so we covered that all up with soil and wood chips, and then I did a quick hunt through the barn. I've had the tall birdhouse for years, and will put (maybe) some lights around it. The bench is one that's falling apart, but I just can't bare to get rid of it, so I leaned it up against the side wall, and will put some flower pots and plants on it. And the old school chair had been on the front porch, but I thought it finished everything up nicely. I'll do another barn search tomorrow and pull out some old watering cans and such, and see how they look.

But for now... I'm done! Gonna reward myself with pizza and beer - or maybe a margharita!! Think I've earned it....!!!

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