Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and once again, we'll go next door to Ron and Irene's, and I'll route for the Yankees...! I really don't have a clue!! Hubby Michael will be starting to make his soup soon. He never ceases to amaze me - his soups are always delicious, no matter what he decides to dump in the pot! I'm really looking forward to spending time with our friends. We always have a wonderful time, and come home agreeing that we do, indeed, have the best neighbors in the world! And, no, it's not just because of Irene's world famous margaritas!!

I'm trying to decide what kind of hat I want to start next. Any input would be greatly appreciated - what's your favorite style? I'm thinking I'll try a felted cloche next... Half of my time is spent surfing the web for ideas and inspiration. It's very humbling, really, to see the amazing things other knitters are putting out there. I LOVE the freeform hats and bags, and have tried my hand, but somehow haven't yet been able to give up the pattern habit. I'm thinking that I need to try crochet again, although I'm not that great at it. It just seems to lend itself better to freeform. For the most part, though, I'm leaning towards combining my love of embroidery (can't see to do those fine reproduction samplers anymore) with my knitting. It's tough to be enthralled with all kinds of fiber arts...the attention deficit disorder comes out big time with all the ideas rolling around in my brain.

No pictures today. Daughter Jessi has managed to swipe my camera with the pics of new hats on it :-(

I hope everyone has a great day!! Stay warm and safe...

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