Saturday, January 31, 2009

The real estate business around here isn't so great, so I've decided to put my license on hold for now. I'm so excited to be starting out on a new venture! My dream since I learned how to knit at age 5 was to have sheep and go through the whole process of shearing, cleaning, spinning, dyeing, designing, and finally knitting a garment. I'm starting small (2 babydolls - and lambs on the way), but I've been having a wonderful time dyeing yarn, designing (mostly hats) and knitting. I've also now started offering knitting classes, and signed up for a farmer's market in the spring. What a change in perspective one gets when focused on creating instead of worrying about making money. I guess it's the old hippie in me... :-) ---- Thank God, she's still there!

Anywayyyy - I'm going to try to post some of my stuff. Hope you enjoy!!

Hand knit and embroidered hat Hand dyed thick and thin wool yarn
A busy day of dyeing yarn..... Felted bobble bag

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